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Trouble adding cameras

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:13 pm
by Colfin22
I have 4 cameras. The 2 Ubiquiti aircams which I expected to be trouble turned out to be very easy to add. I also have an American Dynamics Illustra adci610-m022 and an American Dynamic Essentials 2MP Bullet 2.8-12mm. I have the rtsp for both using the onvif tool and can access either using VLC but cannot get them added to Zoneminder.


I've tried adding admin:admin but no matter what setting I try cannot get it. I do know the Essentials camera is basically a rebranded Dahua camera. Can anyone help

Re: Trouble adding cameras

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:50 am
by Lee Sharp
What is the address line in VLC that works?