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wansview pro hd 720p ip wifi camera tested?

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:42 pm
by whitemw

I'm working a plan to put a video camera on my corral to view my donkeys when away.

I am putting this project on my Intel Pentium 3.20GHz Ubuntu 16.04 backup server using ZoneMinder's latest release at the time I get the project started, soon I hope.

I've been looking for a camera to use, it needs to be outside IP WiFi, I have power at the mount point. I really don't need high resolution for my use but it might be nice to post sometime. Not wanting long sequences, heck still frames are all I really need with a time stamp. I do want night shots since I'm going to monitor the feeder and shed for habits and sitter timeliness.

I have been looking at the wansview pro hd 720p IP WiFi camera, it is under $40 which would be nice. I found this because others have used the wansview k1 camera but I live in Colorado and have to deal with Snow, Hail and Wind and the Pro HD is heaver duty.

I looked at the Hardware Wiki and did not find any wansview cameras listed so it may not be up to-date.

Any constructive information about this camera or other interesting options would be appreciated.

A note about WiFi distance: the camera will be about 20-30ft from my home Wifi router running Gargoyle custom firmware and I can use a wireless bridge with a 3mi range as a hotspot if needed so distance will not be a problem.

Last note I am willing to spend more for a camera if warranted and I might upgrade after I get this thing running and see what the possibilities are. I'd like to start simple and enhance later if I desire to.

Thanks in advance for you comments

Re: wansview pro hd 720p ip wifi camera tested?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:32 pm
by whitemw
Due to lack of posts I selected the following camera after researching cameras on the hardware list.

Amcrest IP2M-852 (Black)

Its more camera than I was looking for but in my eyes compatible was more important. The exact compatible number was IP2M-842 but could not find that number so probably a newer model and will be OK. Looks like a good camera, excited to give it a try