DVR PCI card?

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DVR PCI card?

Post by juanca » Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:47 pm

Hello everyone! I am looking to build a CCTV system using my old PC and zoneminder. To achieve so I have been attempting to buy a DVR PCI card but haven't been able to find much stuff while looking on amazon. If anyone could tell any card that allowed me to plug at least 2 analog cameras and have around 10 fps on each I would really appreciate it! :D :D

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: DVR PCI card?

Post by haus » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:53 pm

Maybe not the answer you want to hear, but at this point given the dropping price of IP cameras and the massive increase in resolution and image quality, I'd go straight to an IP (and PoE) setup. It's so much easier to deal with.

Back in the day, the only IP camera option was Axis and they were $1000 apiece (give or take). Now I'm mid-stream in upgrading my old system from 10 analog cameras running 320x240 off a 4-port bttv card and an 8 port Kodicomm clone I got from eBay a decade ago to a PoE switch and a handful of Amcrest HD cams for $90 each on Amazon. It's literally the jump from standard def TV to HDTV all over again.

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