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16 IP camera server specs. Runs great and room for more.

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:41 pm
by theforce
Just wanted to let everyone know about my specs for my camera server.

Gigabyte BRIX Pro i7-4770r
2x 4GB ram
2x 1TB SSD Samsung EVO

Ubuntu server 14.04
Zoneminder 1.28

12x Axis M3203 800x600
3x Chinese foscam knockoffs PTZ 640x480
1x Axis M3204 1280x800

Server load at about 1.5-2
All cameras capturing at 15fps
All cameras set to Modect
33 zones
Using mjpeg to capture images

When I had all cameras set to 7fps the server load was around 0.8

This little box makes a great Zoneminder box. A little expensive but you can put it out of the way just about anywhere as long as it has good ventilation.

There is plenty of room for more cameras. Setting all the Axis cameras to do motion detection on their own, setting the frame rate to 7 or 5, and setting the quality of the images from the cameras down a bit to conserve bandwidth I bet I could get over 60 cameras to work. Maybe more. The only real issue is the network bandwidth and the storage space. This is just a home setup so I dont need that many.

If anyone has any question feel free to ask.

Re: 16 IP camera server specs. Runs great and room for more.

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:23 pm
by 3esmit
Nice configuration. Can you play steam games while ZM without affecting each other performance?

Re: 16 IP camera server specs. Runs great and room for more.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:26 am
by theforce
I really dont know. I've set all my cameras to record at 7fps since thats the best the Axis cameras can do at night. With a load of 0.8 on average I would say you could play games on it just fine. When I was playing around with it before the Zoneminder install it played games ok. Good enough for the casual gamer but dont expect to get 120fps at max settings or even low setting on some games. If you look at some of the reviews it gets around 40fps or less depending on the game and settings.

If your wanting a better gaming experience I would go for the Gigabyte BRIX i7 GTX 760. It reports as an GTX 850m and I have no clue on how to get the drivers to work on it yet in Linux. I used it to demo the Oculus Rift and it did pretty good with the demos set on low settings. Thats with win7 and proper drivers. Regular games run really well at 30-60fps or even more depending on the game and settings. It does get pretty loud when under a load.