Cheap monitor solution?

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Cheap monitor solution?

Post by StormRider » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:47 pm

I'd like to setup a couple of dedicated monitors in the house for a multi camera zoneminder setup. PC monitors are cheap, but I need something to drive them with. Any suggestions?

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Re: Cheap monitor solution?

Post by nightcrawler » Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:54 pm


I had the same problem. and made an solution by adding an CCTV quadcore multiplexer with 4 input and outputs to my system. so the cameras are connected trough an "loop" (camera > multiplexer > zoneminder pc) and I connected 2 cheap PC LCD monitors to the multiplexer "monitor output" and also an TV RF-modulator witch is connected to the "VCR output". You can buy RCA video to VGA converters on ebay for a few dollar to connect the PC monitors to an normal video source.

This is the most energy efficient way to have multiple monitors. You can also buy a few thin-client pc's with windowsCE or linux on them and connect it to the ZM video output. (I tried, it works but your ZM server gets an high CPU load and it totally power inefficient to have an thin-client running for just watching some video stream).
Zoneminder @Ubuntu 11 server, ZM 1.25.0 , FFMPEG, 4 Analoge cameras, 1.6ghz P4mobile, 2GB ram, 60GB-HDD.
I also have an (homeseer) domotica system up-and-running with touchscreens,light controllers,weather forecast etc.

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