Suggestions for discrete door camera?

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Suggestions for discrete door camera?

Postby drose25 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:30 pm

Hi All,

I need some suggestions for a small and discrete camera to place at our front door where visitors' faces would be visible. I have a regular dome camera mounted about 5' above the door, but I use it to gain a clear view of that side of the front yard. Pointing it down doesn't give much of a good facial view and kind of wastes the camera's capability.

I was thinking about possibly something like those mini screw-head spy cameras you see all over the place, or something similar in size that I can either mount behind the siding next to the door or even surface mount on top if it doesn't look terribly distracting. I'm just not sure how decent the picture will be, or if the camera will even have enough field of view to effectively cover the door area with only a foot or two of distance.

Thanks for any ideas!

EDIT: I guess I should add that this door area is covered and recessed from the rest of the house front, so it's pretty well protected from weather most of the time. It takes a lot of wind to drive any rain as far as the door, so any suggestions don't have to be weatherproof or designed for the outdoors.

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