Hardware specs for a flexible solution

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Hardware specs for a flexible solution

Post by LeonM » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:19 pm

I want to make for a woman friend of mine (who has been a victim of a robbery in the past), and now that person who has make the robbery has turned back in that shop, as nothing has happened in the past, so this friend want to build a more secure system.

Now he has 4 bnc cam's who are connected to a vcr (a shitty wc-r who records only 2 days). I want that he could use the same cams for now, but instead of the vcr to make a computer with Zoneminder.

Because is a small shop i take that could i put only a max of 8 cams so as a capture card i have think of the following:

Camsecure BT878a 8 Way PCI Capture Card - i'm a new user and i could not post the link.. sorry

with the specs of 8 x chip 8 channel card with a chip per channel with a total of 240 FPS across the card giving 25 FPS per channel (PAL) when all 8 channels are used.

I i'm interested in building now the server who i want to monitor a much time possible at a full rate of 25 frames, and here i hope you could help me decide on the hardware.

I want that maybe on 4 cams i record always at 25 frames and other cams to record on the motion detection (or for now to be half/half 2 in motion detection and 2 in recording mode.) or if now the Zoneminder is not cpu intensive in motion detection mode maybe all the cams in that mode.

My idea until now is a configuration with a intel core 2 duo 2.66 and with 2 gb ram, and as a hard-disk a 2TB of space.
What you recommend? Some changes of fine tuning like separate hdd for the Zoneminder and the Linux or 4 gigs of ram or other?

Thank you very much.

LATER: please at least answer with yes or no if it's ok to deploy a solution with 8 cams on 25frames and with a resolution of 640x480 i guess, on a core2 2.0gb with 2gb ram. I must buy a computer and i do not want to be wrong and have a load of 3-4 on that linux. Thank you again, and please bear with me.

p.s i have look the forum but on my small limited free time i have, I've do not find an exact answer. Because is my first time i do a Zoneminder monitoring system, and i do not have an experience with the hardware specs, i do ask these question.

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Re: Hardware specs for a flexible solution

Post by gerfry » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:18 pm

unprofessional reply: don't know, try and error (and keep us updated)

I have seen 3cores for 11 remote cams @ 320x240 which are okay with 1.24.3. Treat the load KPI somewhat soft > http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Pubs/TechR ... 87-353.pdf > especially depends on how the system (unix distri) treats CPUs vs real Cores vs real Threads generally.

Anyway thanks to the ZoneMinders out there!

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