Suggestions please: IP PoE for outdoor, 15M range

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Review of reasonably priced IP Cameras

Post by pete_c » Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:04 am

I'm also looking for a decent camera at a reasonable price.

I've read and heard very good things about the Mobotix cameras but don't want a spend that much at this time.

Here's a quickie review of some decent cameras / prices. ... opic=17255

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Post by mcm » Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:40 am

So I have all the gear and have started playing around with it.

The mobotix I ordered was a Q24M-Sec-D11 (11m hemispherical, day sensor/IR cut filter, Secure model of the Q24M).

There is a tremendous amount of configurability, and I find the web interface (hosted out the camera itself) to be the best. I find MxControlCenter and MxEasy to be buggy, although I am trying to use them on a real piece of dog shit laptop, so who knows.

MxPEG is bloody marvelous... the Q24M-Sec ships with 4GB internal flash storage, and I have yet to fill it up with 1 fps continuous recording + max FPS event driven recording for two days @ a combination of megapixel and 3mpixel resolution. This is currently in the living room so its capturing me walking around all day as events too.

I will say that if you want to use this camera outdoors or in conditions w/ weak lighting, get the night model. My living room reached a peak of 10 lux today according to the built in meter and was able to run the shutter at about 1/8sec.

As you can see, right now it is about 5.8 lux and running at 1/3sec shutter speed.


(Although as you can see I could dial down the exposure a little bit, it is fairly bright...)

Note: Those curved boxes are Motion Detection ("VM") windows, they are curved because you define them on the original fisheye image, so when that image gets distortion-corrected, so do the boxes. :)

Configurability of the VM windows seems just a hair behind zoneminder in terms of flexibility. Certainly is pretty complete though.

The interior lighting is quite dim, they are all the lowest wattage (like 9w...) fluorescent bulbs I could find.

I dragged the camera outside during the day (cloudy) and at 500 lux it is a very very pretty picture @ high frame rates too.

So, if you have lighting and/or only care about daylight, go with the day lense/sensor.

I'll let you know how the night ones turn out after I receive them.

The notification configuration options are fantastic, there are just tons and tons of possibilities with "Actions". I was at one point thinking I would have to use Zoneminder to trigger X11 devices and such, but you wouldn't even need to do that so long as you had some little server acting as a "X11 gateway" running maybe something like a simple web server with some basic cgi listening for instructions, which the mobotix can do.



The NAS I picked up (Synology RS810+) runs Linux and interestingly I believe a few people have tried running Zoneminder natively on the NAS... might be worth doing since I will have the mobotix throw data at the NAS already. I think it should have the grunt (it has a quad core processor even though literature advertises dual core... i guess that's just standard these days *lol*)[/img]

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Post by DaveQB » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:04 am

Thanks for that review mcm.

It does look impressive. I guess it'd want to be at that price!

Does it work with ZM ok?

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Post by mcm » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:04 am

Here is a "raw" 1mpixel outdoor shot.

Exposure way too long, didnt spend any time adjusting from the indoor setup.

Edit: That got pretty heavily compressed in PNG... oops.


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Post by mcm » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:21 am

DaveQB wrote:Thanks for that review mcm.

It does look impressive. I guess it'd want to be at that price!

Does it work with ZM ok?
Haven't tried that yet -- shit ive never used ZM yet!

Someone else here, Mitch, he has used mobotix cams with ZM a lot.

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