Airlink101 AIC250 only getting 2fps not 10fps, stream jpg

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Airlink101 AIC250 only getting 2fps not 10fps, stream jpg

Post by we4zonM » Fri May 30, 2008 7:27 pm

Zoneminder v1.22.3
Airlink101 AIC250 IP Camera
Settings for 2 fps: "host=<ip>","path=/image.jpg","ffmpeg","jpg stream"

Recently installed Zoneminder, and had to search the web to find out how to start it and that it had a web-interface and not a menu option or command line-interface. I read a post on this forum ... 101+aic250 ]

that said the Wiki had a solution to get this camera to work: ... rk_Cameras.

It diid not give the complete settings to use nor the version of Zoneminder that the solution works for.

I tried a few different settings for video.cgi and could not get video to stream at 10fps 640x480 resolution as the Wiki claims the camera can do. I did get it to stream video in a web browser with http://<ip>/video.cgi after installing several browser plugins. At first it was not displaying video. The camera configuration tool works fine using a browser with http://<ip>. The problem with Zoneminder is that it does NOT work if I have a password for the camera. There may be a way to tell Zoneminder that the camera is password protected, and a format to enter in the username and password, but I did not find any documentation in Zoneminder to tell me how to do this, so it does not work. I had to remove the username and password option from the camera, and try several different settings to see what worked. There should be better documentation! (does someone have the time and know how to update the documentation?)

This is what worked for 2fps, not 10fps at 640x480. I used the "remote", "hostname = <ip>", "host path= /image.jpg", for the monitor settings, and I used "ffmpeg" as the stream encoder, and selected the "jpg" option and not the "mpeg" option. This gave me 2 frames per second of video stream! The Wiki claims you can get 10 fps!

What settings do I use to get 10 fps? I tried using "path = /video.cgi", and something is running with that setting, but I see no video on the monitor display, only a white screen with a tiny icon in the left upperhand corner.


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