Connect wifi camera

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Connect wifi camera

Post by mellobob » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:04 am

I have a cheap Wansview W3 camera. Got it working on zm 1.30.4 (Linux Mint 8.2) with a wired connection. For someone in the future (probably me) the connection setup form zm is: user:pwd@IP_ADDRESS/live/ch0 There is some suggestion in the docs that ch1 and ch2 should work as well, but not for me.

So far, it all seems to working just fine.

Now, is it possible to ditch the cable and do this over wifi? I did a brief test with an android phone and the connection seems to be there (but the response was quite awful).

I really don't understand this wifi device stuff, but I'm assuming that there needs to be some kind of an application on the receiving end? I unplugged the cable and attempted to connect via the lan address, but (expectedly) that fails.

So, what am I missing :)

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