Door peep hole/pinhole cam

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Door peep hole/pinhole cam

Post by PeepingThomas » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:32 pm

Wondering if anyone has done an IP peephole cam for a door. There are some cameras that install in the door, but I don't want to take the door apart or mess with the peep hole. For curiosity sake I looked through the peephole with both a point & shoot camera, and my cell phone camera, I could see through it there's no magic, I imagine a smaller wide angle would do even better.

Some quick searching and I came up with the HikVision DS-2CD6412FWD. Besides doing lots of neat standalone things I'll likely never use, it fulfills my requirements of being an IP cam and it is POE.

Just wondering if anyone's used it? Here's some links.

Unbox and info

HikV's page ... 32651.html

Some footage

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