Opera browser and mjpeg issue

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Opera browser and mjpeg issue

Post by n1gp » Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:27 pm


I have some touchpad pc's that are wall mounted that I'd like to
use to view my security cameras. These pc's are 400mhz, and I
have a stripped down linux distro that I flash boot (midori). The
distro uses opera for a browser. I use toshiba ik-wb11a IP
camera's and some usb cameras that are connected to each
touchpad, the touchpad uses palantir to serve the video


Problem is opera will display mjpeg but the image tends to
get broken up, or out of sync. You can see it draw say 10 or 20
frames perfectly, looks nice, then it draws 25% or so of the image,
flashes white and starts a new frame like it got out of sync.
Thing is if I use Firefox it works perfectly. I dont want to use firefox
since it doesn't have other features I need and seems to be more
resource hungry (poor little 400mhz pc).

I've tried different versions of Opera from 6.02 all the way up to
recent releases. They ALL do it. I've played with the network caches,
number of server connections... nothing helps.

Has anyone seen this issue with Opera, and have you found a solution?

I know I could use a javascript approach and grab single frames
but I find that this reduces the # of frames / sec -vs- using mjpeg.

Here are the html tags I use to grab the mjpeg images:

PALANTIR CAMERAS (setup to stream at 10f/sec):

<img src="" alt="[Live stream]">

IK-WB11A's (this streams mjpeg at 5f/sec)

<img src=" ... 0&1&0&5000" width=320 height=240 alt="[Live stream]">



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Post by cordel » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:12 pm

The only solution I can think of is to use cambozola (assuming of course that you haven't already tried it). It would allow you to view mjpeg and is a java based applet.


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Post by n1gp » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:44 pm

Thanks Corey, Palantir has a similar java plugin as the Cambazola.
I'd like to stay away from having to install the Java plugin on my
touchpads, besides they are slow and Java creeps on them.

I think I'll probably stick w/ firefox. One of the things which I use
quite a bit is the zoom page feature in Opera. I didn't find out until
today, but there is a plugin for that for firefox:


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