Foscam: Be aware

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Foscam: Be aware

Post by melloa » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:38 pm

Bought two Foscam from Amazon in April. As I was planning to use it with WiFi and it has not performed well, even with a new AP installed on my roof 50ft from it, I returned one.
Yesterday the 2nd one died, after three months of use, so here's the catch.

Checked Amazon and return period has passed, so got the 800# to call to get support and have it fixed. My call went to a recording saying: The Cameras Manufactures were trying to bypass us and sell directly to the customers. We no longer provide support to the cameras over the phone and if you need help send us an e-mail. We are now AMCrest with better and more reliable products ...
Called Amazon and got my money back -- Kudos to Amazon for the Customer's Satisfaction Policy.
Foscam, AMCrest, or any other names they have now: lost a customer.

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