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Install ZoneMinder on Rasp. Zero W

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:03 pm
by JRM0316
Good afternoon everyone...

Guys, I have a raspberry pi 4b, which I installed Raspbian and ZoneMinder.

I have 4 Raspberry Pi Zero W with camera, I want to make a surveillance system here at home.

But to add the rasp. Zero to ZoneMinder, I need ...

rtsp: // <username>: <password> @ <ipaddress>: <port> / <somepath>

Ipaddresseu with you with an app on your phone, I scan my network and find out which ones devices are on my network, so I discover the ip.
But how do I know the username, password, port and somepath?
The rasp. Zero W, it's plugged in, and just give me the ip, where I find these other information? I think I'm forgetting or needing something else,
to obtain such data.

Another question, the systems on the Internet that I’ve been looking for besides ZoneMinder, use either MJPEG-Streamer or MotionEye, so ZoneMinder seems to be just a server that needs another program, is that it?

Last doubt, what is the difference between connecting the cameras in http and rstp in ZoneMinder?

Thank you so much.

Re: Install ZoneMinder on Rasp. Zero W

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 2:59 pm
by mikb
Can you clarify if you mean the raspberry pi's own, flex-connected, camera?

If so, it doesn't have an ip address/password. It's a physically attached camera (like a USB camera) to your computer (Pi Zero) and so will be treated as such -- maybe /dev/video (followed by 0,1,10) and only visible *on* the Pi Zero. Your Pi-4B will have no idea about that camera.

If you want the pi-Zero to behave like a webcam, then you will have to install some kind of local-camera to streaming-video software (you could use ffmpeg/avconv among others to bridge that gap). Look for solutions for creating a streaming webcam using pi and local camera, if you need alternatives.

The settings you are using at the Pi 4B are for where you have the computer running ZM (e.g. your PI) and a network/IP Camera on your network elsewhere. You have some pi Zeros which aren't "exposing" their cameras to the network currently.

Re: Install ZoneMinder on Rasp. Zero W

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 11:19 am
by bkjaya1952
You can install ccrisan /motioneyeos on the raspberry pi zero w . Then get the camera streaming link ( ie http://localhost:8081) and use it on the Zoneminder.

1. Download motioneyeos for raspberry pi zero from ... ed-Devices
then write the image to a sd card using balenaEtcher .
2. Edit the wpa_supplicant in the above image as shown in the following link to suit to your wifi credentials ... icant.conf.
3. Then insert the sd card to the pi zero and configure the camera and get the camera streaming address
4. Use the camera streaming addresses in Zoneminder and make camera monitors