ptz and wireshark wiki - ptz preset self testing

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ptz and wireshark wiki - ptz preset self testing

Post by gipsea » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:21 pm

Dear all,

first of all thanks a lot for your efforts to keep ZM up and running so well.

I'm working on setting up one apu2C4 dedicated to ZM. So far I'm testing the system with 2 cheap PT (no zoom) HD floureon cameras.
First I used IP CAM VIEW android app which within about a minutes could set each camera including the Pan and Tilt option. During the set up, the app went through about 1800 camera settings and found more than 100 compatibilities

When I turned to ZM the ONVIF network search worked was flowless but moving to the PTZ it is all a different planet not sorted yet.

I read about wireshark and I've not much clue how it works but I believe I'll figure it out.

I would say that a wiki on how to specifically use wireshark including how to tune a preset file will help the community. On the counter side I'm sure everybody who have this settings sorted will share the presets with you and you can update your preset list.

As I can control the cameras remotely via web (IP Camera embedded software), probably I can get wireshark faster on track but I'm still feel being a big step

As well, it could happen that one preset for one camera can work on others with different names. If there will be, as in the android app, the possibility to test the presets on each specific camera it will make ZM more a Plug and Play software more than a try and failure approach.

Thanks for your attention

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