Zoneminder is driving me nuts

Add any particular hints or tricks you have found to help with your ZoneMinder experience.
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Zoneminder is driving me nuts

Post by Lawson_Raider » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:43 pm

Cannot for the life of me get this software to work!!!

I have 2 SV3C IP cameras and 1 Wansview 1080P IP Camera Q1/Q2 and nothing will work to get it in zoneminder. Even zoneminder's and the manufacturuers website settings do not work. I can get them to work on their apps on the phone.

About ready to dump zoneminder and Ubuntu and go to Windows.

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Re: Zoneminder is driving me nuts

Post by stuffedmonkey » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:12 pm

Which part is the problem? No picture?
Which installation procedure did you follow?

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