ZM with HA

Add any particular hints or tricks you have found to help with your ZoneMinder experience.
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ZM with HA

Post by bisana » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:33 pm

Hi All,
I am trying to evaluate the ZM features and trying to see how it work on different ways. Like to mention that I am not from “security surveillance” so I may lack the domain knowledge. What I am trying here is to try out ZM using virtual box and see different options
I have just installed ZM, and using an android phone was able to get the images, now I like to move into next level. They are
  • Wanted to check a high availability setup of ZM
    Wanted to check how could I use it with NAS , for NAS I prefer to use FreeNAS .
For NAS, I am referring the docs

Code: Select all
For High Availability I am not able to find any docs or url. Like to request to guide me the url information
Joseph John
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