Samsung SPE-400 Encoder

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Samsung SPE-400 Encoder

Post by parky » Mon Sep 07, 2020 7:43 am

One to add to the list if you are migrating over from analogue to IP cameras is the Samsung SPE-400 encoder. I picked up a couple @ £30 delivered. These are a discontinued model as they only support basic analogue cameras

A 4 channel unit with BNC. It took a bit of investigation to find the right string to connect, but has been a useful half way house. They are now being redeployed with the cameras to less important areas and can be turned on remotely

Hostname : username:password@IP address

Path : stw-cgi/video.cgi?msubmenu=stream&action=view

24 bit colour 704 x 576

The interface for the SPE-400 is also old school and you have to fall back to using Internet Explorer as the plugins aren't supported

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