Baode LED IR Illuminator / Floodlight Review

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Baode LED IR Illuminator / Floodlight Review

Post by moorsey » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:11 am

Felt compelled to post a little review/recommendation for this item. I was very impressed with it's performance for the price.

I have quite a long back garden (around 26 meters) and have been wanting to "floodlight" it for a while, so I get a decent image at night. The built in IR on my TRENDnet TV-IP310PI is good, but not that good!

So after hunting around, I picked up a Baode 60° 96 LEDs IR Illuminator from Amazon. Few points to note:
  • No charger included, but you can get one from eBay no problem. Just get a 12V, 2A DC, 5.5*2.5MM PSU
  • You may well have to do some cable modifications. The light has a small female socket coming out of the back, which along with a PSU, won't go very far. I cut the female lead off and extended it along a 20 meter bit of CAT5 network cable. Easy enough to do, but bear this in mind.
  • No fixings included, so you will need some screws and washers for this, depending on where you are mounting it
  • It is very hard to tell if this is working in daylight! Best waiting until dark before doubting your cabling!
So after being fitted, powered up and a litle bit of adjusting when it got dark, all was good. Here are some with and without pictures for comparison:

Without IR floodlight:
rear high internal - 2016-09-19 21.59.41.jpg
rear high internal - 2016-09-19 21.59.41.jpg (157.91 KiB) Viewed 1861 times
With IR floodlight:
rear high internal - 2016-09-19 21.59.27.jpg
rear high internal - 2016-09-19 21.59.27.jpg (295.39 KiB) Viewed 1861 times
As you can see, makes a huge difference. I will update this this a few more pictures, just to show the position on the house etc. But it is pretty much as high as it could go, under the drainpipe, cable going through the fascia boards into the loft.

Hope that is useful to someone, will answer any questions if I can.

TRENDnet TV-IP310PI 3MP - ... E_AMZLdp_3
TRENDnet TV-IP320PI 1.3MP - ... Ldp_3?th=1
BAODE LED IR Illuminator Night Vision CCTV for surveillance camera 60° 96LEDs 7701 - ... _ttl_sol_0
12V 2A UK DC 5.5*2.5mm Power Supply Plug PSU Adapter CCTV - ... EBIDX%3AIT

To Add
Pic of position on house
Pic of floodlight at night (visible red glow)

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