Brickcom WCB 100A Video streams

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Brickcom WCB 100A Video streams

Postby kp4djt » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:39 pm

I have some of these which I am testing. I can see the mjpeg stream in FireFox using the
following URL
The 2nd channel needs to be set to mjpeg, but once you do that and use that address
the camera shows great video. I have tried the following video settings:
320 X 190
640 X 400
1280 X 800

All of them give great video.
I have also tried RTSP, again URL is

Firefox fires up VLC and I get both video AND audio. So both streams are working
just fine.

I try to access them on ZM, it appears that it wants to run but I never get any video.
I get some complaints about shared memory, but I have that set way high, indeed I
have other cameras I can turn on and have no issues with it. I deactivated some cams
on my system just to make sure I was not using more than I should be still no joy.

Has anyone tried to get one of these cams to work? If so was there anything unique
about this?

I have some Trendnet cams that have awful video, I see ZM complain about broken
frames, I can see them wink and flash but it still will copy it, these have great video
I do not see any strange artefacts in the video stream, I do not see if do funny things
like some of the other cheap cameras I have around here do. I usually have no issues
getting a camera working if I can see the video in FF or on VLC.
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