"JideTech" 5MP PTZ

Post here to indicate any hardware you have used and which is known to work with ZoneMinder. Not for questions.
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"JideTech" 5MP PTZ

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I got https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H4PLZ9M this camera, an outdoor 5MP PTZ (ONVIF) camera with PoE.
A little expensive for a no-name brand but I was able to make it work pretty easily:

source type ffmpeg
source path rtsp://admin:admin@<camera-IPaddr>:554/1/h264major
method tcp
target colorspace 32bit color
capture resolution "2592x1944 5MP"

Control type: Netcat ONVIF
Control device: MainStream
Control address: admin:admin@<camera-IPaddr>:8999/onvif/ptz_service
Auto Stop Timeout: 0.25

On first power up the camera appears on, and doesn't do DHCP. You can configure it to DHCP from the web interface.

The control software is Windows-only and even via the browser you can't see video unless you install a sketchy browser plugin from a random microsoft OneDrive user folder (!) which I obviously didn't do; however even without that plugin you can still control PTZ functions and zoom/focus/etc. Based on packet sniffing, it looks like while the camera does support ONVIF, the web software used a different API to control PTZ functions.

The camera also has two way audio and an SD card slot which you probably can't do anything with without installing the sketchy software.

The camera housing is metal and very solidly constructed, cables come with waterproof glands, and the image quality and focus is very, very good. There is a very large range of optical zoom controllable via ONVIF or the web UI as well.

I would suggest firewalling it as it constantly tries to call home via UDP to and a couple other IPs in China, and to do DNS lookups on "lbs48502.goolink.org."

Hope someone finds this useful.
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Re: "JideTech" 5MP PTZ

Post by najel »

Thank you for posting this, very helpful! I have the same camera, just the older 1080p model and I love it, great performance for the price.
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