Released 1.36.11 The Memory Remains

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Released 1.36.11 The Memory Remains

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Changes since 1.36.10

- fixes to
- Fix Event count subsitutions in emails
- Fix locking in CopyTo and MoveTo filter functions
- Fix super fast playback after switch to next event
- Allow orderings set by filters to work in event listing. Fixes #3348
- Handle auth to mysql problems during postinst more gracefully
- fix validInt to take negative integers. Introduce validCardinal to handle positive integers
- Put back generate video button in event view
- Add Debian 11 (Bullseye) install docs
- Italian translation updates
- set rows on email body textarea
- Restore download buttons behaviour on event view. It should just download the mp4.
- fix javascript error if download button doesn't exist because there is no mp4
- Set Locale for time to en_GB.utf8, changed STRF_FMT_DATETIME_SHORTER to %x which is locale aware short date
- Fix filters not deleting
- Make delete dialog disappear on success. Fixes #3377
- Set character set as utf8 when connect to mysql to avoid mistakes when there are Chinese characters in storage path.
- Fix event listing when not paginated.
- Fix logged errors when av_write_trailer returns a positive value
- alert error message when an error is returned instead of rows in events list ajax
- Report error if sql fails. Add check for access to specific event in events listing
- Set zm_terminate on crash so that other threads exit instead of continuing
- Don't exit(0) on QUIT in zms. Instead set zm_terminate=true so that all the cleanup routines run. Fixes swap files not being deleted.
- fix build on posix/musl
- Add privacy to options tabs so we can get back to it.
- Send all stats rows instead of just 1 so that you can view stats for all zones
- implement UrlToZMS in Monitor.php
- implement Event::canEdit
- When saving v4l settings redirect back to watch instead of console.
- Add title to Download button so you can see the expected filename.

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