Released 1.36.8 The Memory Remains

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Released 1.36.8 The Memory Remains

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Changes since 1.36.7

- Fix js error in montage review when using scaled mode. Fixes 3351
- French translation updates
- fixes to packetqueue locking which should reduce RAM consumption in certain cases.
- Don't crash in rstp server when unable to create source
- Fixed a bug in Image::Buffer that would return the wrong location in the image if the image had > 1 channels (and if the request were for x > 0)
- remove useless commit in causing logged warnings
- fix width=0px causing empty looking montage
- Handle when SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] is not set
- allow values != -1 in setting Brightness, Contrast, etc in zmu
- fix zmu in verbose mode reporting change in brightness when contrast was specified

The biggest things here are the montage fix and the locking/ram fixes.
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