Released: 1.34.0 My Friend of Misery

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Released: 1.34.0 My Friend of Misery

Post by iconnor » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:17 pm

This is largely a fixes & polish release. There are a number of bug fixes and security improvements in here.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND running any prior version of zoneminder

Upgrading from 1.32.3 should be relatively painless although if your Logs table is large it may take some time to update it.

Security fixes:
  • We no longer store passwords using mysql's built-in password encryption.
  • We now support a modern JWT access token system
  • Replaced a lot of inline javascript.
  • There were a number of XSS and SQL injection issues fixed.
  • CVE-2019-13072
  • CVE-2019-6777
Other changes:
  • When adding a new monitor a random colour will be assigned to it instead of red.
  • We now have a handy resolution dropdown to help prevent typos in the width & height fields
  • Support for mysql8
  • Support for php 7.4
  • Can now delete database log entries for the logs popup
  • Timezone setting moved from php.ini to Options -> System
  • Ffmpeg hwaccel support for h264 decoding
  • Improved recording to mp4 with audio
  • Added ZM_LOG_FFMPEG options which captures ffmpeg debug messages properly which can really help with debugging.
  • Added ability to use zms to stream mjpeg when the video is stored as h265. Most browsers can't play h265 so this allows you to use passthrough mode with an h265 camera and still watch the video.
  • Filters now have a Copy To action which copies the event files to a second storage area
  • We now display additional event information such as that generated by event server object detection
To update to this release on Ubuntu, you will need to add the new ppa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder-1.34
For Redhat based distros, please see

Thank You to Those who have Contributed
We continue to thank those that have contributed to the ZoneMinder project. ZoneMinder is a community project. As such, we are constantly in need of those willing to volunteer their time to maintain and improve it, whether that be writing code, answering questions in the forum, or updating our documentation. Please consider helping us.

For more information: ... tag/1.34.0


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