ZoneMinder 1.24.0 Released

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ZoneMinder 1.24.0 Released

Postby zoneminder » Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:19 pm

I'm pleased to announce that after a long beta period ZoneMinder version 1.24.0 is now available on general release.

This version is a major rework of many areas of ZoneMinder especially the web interface which has been almost entirely rewritten. Upgrading from versions prior to 1.24.0 is supported but I would recommend the following if you wish to upgrade.

o If building from source that you download and install the latest version of ffmpeg from SVN.

o On upgrading, you accept the option to backup your database during the upgrade process if you have the space available to do so

o You either install this version to a new web location or you 'make uninstall' or package remove the previous version before installing 1.24.0. This is because nearly all files have been moved and/or renamed and otherwise you will end up with a mix of 1.24.0 files and previous versions lying round. This will not affect functionality but will look like a mess!

o You navigate the web interface post install to ensure you can access saved events etc BEFORE you start ZoneMinder running again

o On starting ZoneMinder, you monitor zmfilter.log and zmaudit.log to ensure that these are not deleting events that you do not wish to remove. This is very unlikely to happen but better safe than sorry.

Full details on the changes from the previous version are available in the Wiki.

To download this version in source format please visit the Downloads page. If you install from packages please check the forums for information on when 1.24.0 becomes available in your package format.

Many thanks to those users who have helped test and improve the beta version of this release. ZoneMinder is now so widely used that it is impossible for me to test every possible configuration.

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