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Updated ZMliveCD

Postby rdmelin » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:47 pm

For some time now the latest "official" ZMliveCD" version 1.22.3 has been maintained by means of update ZoneMinder RPMs. Installing from this CD and then upgrading has become more of a hassle as some of the preconfigured package sources are no longer working, ZoneMinder packages have new requirements, etc.

I have put up an updated ZMliveCD_1.23.3. You can get it here:
http://www.isentrix.com/pub/zoneminder/ ... 1.23.3.iso
http://www.isentrix.com/pub/zoneminder/ ... .3.iso.md5

This is just the old Mandriva 2007 based CD with an up to date ZoneMinder and a few other very minor tweaks. If the old one worked for you this one will probably as well. I am still working on an all new Archlinux based CD that hopefully will support the latest hardware. (But currently because of the kernel 2.6.25 bttv bug it doesn't support much of anything :( )

Anyway feel free to grab a copy of the updated CD. Mirror it if you have bandwidth, put up a torrent, or make a donation if would like to contribute.

And thanks to Phil for ZoneMinder, and to jameswilson whose donation provided the hosting for this CD

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