Released 1.36.12 The Memory Remains

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Released 1.36.12 The Memory Remains

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Changes since 1.36.11

- Allow NOW or CURRENT for PACKAGE_VERSION similar to snapshot in
- Fix lack of scaling when TIMESTAMP_ON_CAPTURE is off
- Fix deleting from event view.
- Pause streaming before delete to prevent errors being logged due to missing files
- documentation fixes
- Fix NULL and add special 0 case for Storage area specification in filter
- Handle bug where a value of '' will prevent special case handling in filter rules
- Allow '' to mean NULL when specifying Storage Area
- include monitor dimensions when logging about zone mismatch
- Remove text-nowrap from cause/notes column
- If we are starting a process that is waiting to term, mark it to get started by the reaper. Fixes case where zmdc thought the process was still running and so didn't start it. We never noticed because zmwatch would eventually notice. The result is instant restart.
- kill the background timer when switching to history so that we don't cause a javascript error
- Detect group hierarchy loops and break them.
- clear the monitors array before terminating log. Might fix zmu hangs
- Add auth relay to status ajax request fixing logged 404 error
- Wait for closeEvent thread to finish. Fixes unfinished event when zmc told to restart
- Fix libvnc_camera so that we don't crash on Reload
- Fix build on FreeBSD/armv7

Full Changelog
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