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Noob needs help with possible documentation update

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:14 pm
by 3vil3ngin33r
Hello all. I am not a coder and am unfamiliar with how to use git hub for anything. I was also not sure if this would be the best place or bugzilla to mention this, but I wanted to try to bring it to someone's attention who might be able to affect changes if required.
Basically in the docs, when it talks about setting up a dedicated drive, the instructions specify adding the drive/partition using systemd. The problem I see here is that Red Hat's docs state that while it is possible to do so, they recommend continuing to use /etc/fstab for this purpose. So I figure the upstream vendor recommendation should apply in this situation and we should probably amend the documents, unless there was something special going on with ZM that I am unaware of.
Zoneminder has had this instruction for a while, but here is the current location: ... drive.html
I can't find where I read it outright during my RHCSA studies, but this document says that the systemd units for mounted partitions are generated at boot from the information in /etc/fstab and the instructions in general for adding boot mounted partitions direct the user to edit fstab and do not mention manually writing systemd units. ... le-systems

Re: Noob needs help with possible documentation update

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:28 pm
by Bluemax
The quintessence is to use a separate drive/partition. How you actually do it is up to you. 'systemd' is just an optional recommendation. It's very flexible and powerful and maybe not the best recommendation for beginners indeed.