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ZM arm/disarm with external device like rfid or fingerprint

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 6:23 pm
by toskala
hey there,

again i need to ask some question ;-)...

i am planning to install zoneminder in our companies office but i need to have a more flexible way to arm and disarm zoneminder. we have a flextime system so it is not sure when the first employee arrives here hence arm/disarm ZM via cronjob would work but it would leave the facility unguarded for several hours in case first employee comes late...

what i now thought is some sort of device that could be attached near the office front door that reads some access card or a fingerprint and causes an event that arms/disarms ZM.

does anyone of you know such a device that could easily employed with linux? best would be some kind of network device cause the frontdoor is roundabout 30m away from the serverroom...

thanks for replies!