Query re: objectdetection

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Query re: objectdetection

Post by ptruman » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:15 am

Hi all

I've just moved to setup objectdetection (tinyyolov3, hog etc) but have a question....

I am ok with the concept of defining my motion detection zones, and setting up shape/polygons in the objectdetection.ini - and that I can have multiple polygons in a single monitor definition in objectdetection.ini

Can I setup different object rules per polygon in the monitor definition?

Use case:
I have 3 zones where I want to pick up motion - one where cars/vehicles move, and two where people move (or vehicles may cross).

1) I'd like to limit object detection on certain types to certain polygons - is that possible?
2) I see yolo etc allow you to limit what objects to detect - is there a way to ONLY record the event IF one of those defined objects is detected?

Use case:
I don't want an alert about a cat, so if I exclude cat/animal from the rules, ZM will still fire the event based on the motion. If I include cat/animal, it would match,and send an event.

Or do I need to post event script to check what happened and delete the event if necessary? (i.e. object detected:cat = delete)
I might need time dependency also as although my PTZ does IR, object detection doesn't behave well in low light/B&W for me.

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