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Re: API problems/errors

Post by SkippyDo » Fri May 29, 2020 8:52 pm

OK... so this all is looking like a network issue. How, exactly, I'm not sure...

Setting cameras to 1280x720 and BANDWIDTH_DEFAULT to "Low" gets me (so far) steady output of live streaming for all of my devices. BUT...

Event playback is suffering when playing remotely. On my Android phone it doesn't work at all: I need to dig further into this- it's likely just a device issue (codec). From the ZM console if I play an event it often just hangs/stops, sometimes recording socket errors in the ZM logs. If I replay (start again) it might then work. My wife's iPhone, newer/latest IOS, works in a similar fashion. If I'm using the network where ZM's modem/router is attached (DMZ) everything, except my Android phone, works just as expected (and no log errors).

Maybe there's some nuanced thing with videos that I'm missing? I am recording/storing events as mpegs, whereas, of course, they were jpegs with/under 1.30.4.

I have been through pretty much all settings and documentation. I tried with a much lower camera resolution of 640x400 (thinking it might have to do with file sizes) but that doesn't seem to have any real impact on the noted issues.

I currently have nothing defined for MPEG_LIVE_FORMAT and MPEG_REPLAY_FORMAT: they were set to "swf" (default?) but I deleted in the hopes that this might help- it didn't. FFMPEG_FORMATS has: "mpg mpeg wmv asf avi* mov swf 3gp**" Yet, files are written to disk as "mp4?" That things mostly work would seem to suggest that this isn't where my problem lies.

Leaving out the issue with my Android phone it appears that this is some kind of performance issue. My server is in no way a bottleneck: CPU usage, memory usage (shm run as low as 9% doesn't have any impact on end result), and disk usage appears to not be in the equation. Kind of leaves this being some sort of timing/network issue.

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["resolved"]Re: API problems/errors

Post by SkippyDo » Thu Jun 11, 2020 4:53 am

Going to say that this is resolved. That is, there is NO API issue.

I still am logging socket errors every time I play back event videos. Videos will play, sometimes stopping and sometimes not; always, though, generates a socket error in the logs. Doesn't matter what UI I use. I'm going to just ignore/live with these errors.

Regarding my Android phone issue, I got a new phone running Android 10 and everything (zmNinja) works fine (albeit the above noted socket errors).

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