Released 1.34.10 My Friend of Misery

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Released 1.34.10 My Friend of Misery

Post by iconnor » Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:36 pm

My Friend Of Misery .10

# Changes since 1.34.9

- Use gnutls version of libJWT to resolve openssl licensing issues 2810
- fix issues building outside of build dir 2710
- Fix Area definition when adding zone by API 2855
- Fix license conflict in PTZ for DCS-5020L 2883
- better detection of html email content in emails in filters.
- fix in for newer mysql/mariadb 2868
- fix 500 Http Status Caused by Missing ZM_TIMEZONE 2895
- update and fix issues with newer mysql/mariadb
- fix ffmpeg monitor type: Only align buffers to 32bit if using a 32bit pix format. 2819
- fix difficult to reproduce hang in logging
- fix inconsistencies in loading monitor data in zmc.
- small improvements to code and performance in zms, zmu
- fix undefined javascript console errors caused by sending error logs to zm db.
- add MonitorId to event data in legacy json ajax api.
- prevent bad characters from being saved in Monitor Name
- Fix XSS when Monitor Name has been compromised.
- Fix Google reCaptcha 2918
- slight performance improvement loading languages
- Chinese language update
- performance improvement to montagreview
- remove more inline javascript
- fix lack of support for %r in label format
- fix issues with scaling in live view, cycle, montage
- add Emailed status to events list
- add Rate dropdown to event viewing
- fix some authentication timing out in live view
Full Changelog

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