Adventure with Focal Fossa, Ubuntu 20.04

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Adventure with Focal Fossa, Ubuntu 20.04

Post by bbunge » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:59 pm

With the release of Ubuntu 20.04, Fossa, due within two months I decided to see if I could get Zoneminder installed on the Nightly Build. I discovered that Fossa currently has Zoneminder 1.32.x in its repository but I wanted to use 1.34.2. So I downloaded the Eoan 1.34.2 files from the ppa and installed them with gdebi. Here goes!

Zoneminder 1.34.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 Nightly Build with MySQL
Get the 20.04 nightly build ... EADER.html
Become root
sudo su
After installing a Ubuntu Fossa server OS, install tasksel then add LAMP from tasksel
Install Gdebi
apt install gdebi
Perform the extra steps for MySQL 8 from the WIKI ... yond.3F.29

Download the following Eoan files from the iconnor ppa

wget ... n1_all.deb

wget ... _amd64.deb

wget ... _amd64.deb

wget ... _amd64.deb

Install in this order
gdebi libmp4v2-2_2.0.0~dfsg0-eoan2_amd64.deb
gdebi mp4v2-utils_2.0.0~dfsg0-eoan2_amd64.deb
gdebi zoneminder_1.34.2-eoan1_amd64.deb zoneminder-doc_1.34.2-eoan1_all.deb

Finish setting up Zoneminder
systemctl enable zoneminder
service zoneminder start
adduser www-data video
a2enconf zoneminder
a2enmod rewrite
a2enmod headers
a2enmod expires
service apache2 reload

It works!

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