Analysis frames sometimes show entire frame as motion, rather than blobs

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Analysis frames sometimes show entire frame as motion, rather than blobs

Post by CosmicRay » Sun Dec 29, 2019 8:47 pm


I am running Zoneminder 1.33.16~20191220.6-buster from the offically-referenced Debian repositories.

I have analysis frames enabled. My problem is that sometimes they highlight blobs, but sometimes just the entire frame (for an alarm frame only) is surrounded with a red border. There is nothing that should cause Zoneminder to believe that the entire frame is in alarm (by comparing to previous frames). Sometimes this has kept Zoneminder in alarm state for 30 or 40 minutes at a time.

In Options -> Config, CREATE_ANALYSIS_IMAGES is on. RECORD_EVENT_STATS is also on. In the camera definition, "Save JPEGs" is set to "Frames + Analysis Images". In the Zone definition, Alarm Check Method is Blobs. I have also defined a max alarmed area and max filtered area that should prevent a 100% match - and, moreover, only about 50% of the frame is in the one zone I've defined, so I can't see how it's possible for literally the entire frame to be in alarm.

I'm trying to chase down some gremlins in motion detection and having this odd behavior is making it challenging. Any insight would be appreciated!

Incidentally, I have seen this for quite awhile in various versions of Zoneminder, back to at least 1.30 if not before. I have just not tried to track it down until now.


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Re: Analysis frames sometimes show entire frame as motion, rather than blobs

Post by henk » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:27 pm

Hi, have you found a solution to this?

I have seen the exact same thing in different versions, latest in 1.34. CREATE_ANALYSIS_IMAGES is enabled and in the camera definition "Save JPEGS" is set to Frames + Analysis Images. Also tried setting Analysis Images only with the same result. Motion detection method is blobs.

On motion frames the entire frame has a red border and the stats show there is a blob but the blob is not highlighted.
The odd thing is that it worked before but disappeared when tweaking the zones.
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Update: Found the reason why the blobs aren't highlighted:
With the camera options Storage settings -> Save JPEGS = Analysis images only, and Video Writer = X264 Encode, the event folder does not contain the xxxx-analyse.jpg images. There seems to be a bug that sometimes the Save JPEGS option to save only Analysis images is ignored and instead it behaves as if 'Frames only' is set.

Fix: Disable the setting Storage -> Video Writer, save it, and change it back to X264 Encode. The analysis images are generated again. The root cause is unknown though. As a side note, I wish there was an option to include the analysis frames in the video. Right now it is a bit awkward to view the motion analysis.

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