trying to get Zmxap working

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trying to get Zmxap working

Post by lorenjz » Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:43 am


I'm trying to get Zmxap working. I started by following this: ... ostcount=1

I also consulted the wiki which mentioned that the www-data user would need to execute the pearl script. The only way I could find to accomplish this was like this:
sudo -u www-data /usr/local/zmxap/ -path=/usr/local/zmxap &
but that doesn't appear to be working. The logs don't seem to have been created.

Did I miss something or is there a better way to start the pearl script as the www-user when my ubuntu instance starts?


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Re: trying to get Zmxap working

Post by iconnor » Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:04 pm

I would look into adding a proper systemd .service file for it. Something like :

# ZoneMinder zmxap systemd unit file
# This file is intended to work with all Linux distributions

Description=ZoneMinder CCTV recording and security system zmxap mysqld.service httpd.service zonoeminder.service



Put that in /lib/systemd/system/zmxap.service
sudo systemctl enable zmxap.service
sudo systemctl start zmxap.service

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