Not understanding camera function states

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Not understanding camera function states

Post by hammertonail » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:59 pm

I am a bit confused on my new ZM install.

I have the camera's in Mocord and they rotate between 1 of three states: Capturing, Not Capturing, Not Running.
What are these three states? I thought Mocord recorded video at all times, and then added notifications for "alarms"

When the camera's say capturing I can view the stream if I click on the camera, but otherwise I get a thumbnail.

The server is in good health:


Zoneminder version 1.31.47 release
I followed the wiki instructions for both the server install and the camera setup
Running on Ubuntu 18.04
Dell R410 saving to a 2TB WD purple drive
3 Amcrest camera's

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