Level One FCS-1010 not working under v 1.30

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Level One FCS-1010 not working under v 1.30

Post by velthuizen » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:12 pm

We are running Zoneminder 1.25 for a long time and all my camera's are working very good.
Now we are installing a new system with Zoneminder 1.30 and now our Level One FCS-1010 is not working anymore.
Other camera's are working 100%
The only thing we see on the FCS-1010 is a blue screen.

The log say
Unable to read content zm_remote_camera_http.cpp 503
Unable to get response, disconnecting zm_remote_camera_http.cpp

We used exact the same setting as under 1.25

<ip address>/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size=2&user=gast&pwd=gast

When past this link as a url in firefox we got a very good video.

It seems the jpg mode is the problem because when we link this zoneminder 1.30 to the same camera on our other Zoneminder 1.25 system the same problem exist

Anyone know the solution for this.

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