Console Montage - found some Chrome quirks...

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Console Montage - found some Chrome quirks...

Post by rockandroller » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:16 am

I have seven cameras, but only six of them show up in Montage. (Latest Google Chrome Browser on Win8 or OSX10)
The seventh just has empty white space, with State: - fps written below it.
( they all say State: - fps )
** Using "Cycle" all seven cycle through OK.

The six that are there are showing live video feeds.
Montage formatting dropdown (columns, etc) doesn't do anything although I can change the scale ok)

In ZMninja, this is not an issue - all seven screens load in the montage page there.

ALSO - it does work in IE browser ( requires java to be configured with URL of console!) - all seven cams come into view there.

One other thing ( In Web Console)... when I click on one of the feeds, a popup window (about:blank) opens with "waiting for available socket"... and nothing ever appears in it. This function works as expected in ZMninja ( jumps to full page view of that cam).

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Re: Console Montage - found some Chrome quirks...

Post by asker » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:27 am

That's because zmNinja is amazing :-p

The real reason is Chrome does not allow more than 6 simultaneous connections to the same domain. The chrome devs refuse to fix and and believe users should either migrate to HTTP 2.0, or, split load between subdomains (or same domain with different ports), neither of which is really convenient.
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