API Events order

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API Events order

Post by BananaPukeh » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:13 pm

I'm trying to get the latest events for a monitor, but since the api only gives 100 events per request this requires a few more requests.

Is there a way to specify the sort order by event StartTime to descending, so I can get the latests events first?

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Re: API Events order

Post by asker » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:33 pm

As far as I know, that is not possible today. The EventsController returns events sorted in ascending order. Having said that, CakePHP offers many ways to filter and if you figure out a syntax that works (take a look at http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/development/routing.html) let me know.

What I do is grab all pages of events and reverse it in my code.
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Re: API Events order

Post by generalredneck » Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:47 am

Old post but really high on google search. What we are looking for is documented here:
https://github.com/ZoneMinder/zoneminde ... ted-events

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