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Re: Zoneminder plugin for Kodi/XBMC

Post by Jamo » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:21 pm

Montage view - I think the original creator put this bit in as a stub to fill out later and then never got back to it.
It would be great, I agree. I've done a little digging and there seem to be two ways of tackling this-
1 - Have Kodi display multiple video streams and then montage view basically opens multiple kodi streams with a zm monitor in each
2 - Stitch the video from zoneminder together on the fly and feed it to kodi

The problem with #1 is that last I checked, Kodi developers were still are not interested in multiple video streams at once (for example Picture-in-picture) and similar formats. I'm surprised because I can think of a few applications other than security cameras where it might be of interest.

The second, I've mucked about with VLC and ffmpeg and various other bits and pieces to try to get some sort of inbetween encoder going that will stitch multiple streams together but I'm out of my depth here and haven't had any luck so far. If anyone can suggest or contribute in these areas it would be great.

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