Problem control PTZ Foscam FI9821W

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Problem control PTZ Foscam FI9821W

Post by willsio » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:34 pm

Hi everyone,

I've just add a Foscam FI9821W and the stream is running fine, but I'm not able to control it :?

Configurations on Zoneminder:


System > OPT_CONTROL: enable


Source Type: Ffmpeg

Source path: rtsp://<user>:<password>@<IPaddr>:<port>/videoMain

Controllable: enable
Control Type: Foscam FI9821W
Control Device: user=<user>&pwd=<password>
Control Address: <IPaddr>:<port>
Track Motion: enable

Once I try to control it, the camera and the Zoneminder don't give me any feedback, and a part from that, there's no log messages related to this monitor :(

Today I upgraded to version 1.27 and the issue remains.

Does anyone have an idea of what I'm missing here?
Thank you for your attention

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