1.27 on Ubuntu 12.04

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1.27 on Ubuntu 12.04

Post by jonathanlee111 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:31 pm

I would like to share my painful experience with those who have or will encounter similar problems as I have.

I setup 4 cameras and I could not figure out why the video streams in the Montage view keep hanging, and I keep getting errors in the log.

I tried so many different suggestions over the web that I was almost ready to give up. Then I tried to lower the bitrate of the video stream and voila! The video streams are now stable!

My initial video stream settings from the cameras were 1280x720, 30fps, 4Mbps. I lowered it to 10fps, 2Mbps. Then to 5fps, 1Mbps. This was the setting that worked for me. Hope this helps someone!

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