1.27, iconnor repository, and ubuntu 13.10 Saucy question

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1.27, iconnor repository, and ubuntu 13.10 Saucy question

Post by elmer » Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:26 pm

First off I'll start by saying I've really enjoyed the fruits of the developers labor with zoneminder. I'm glad to see continued development for such an awesome piece of software.

Just the other day I built up an Ubuntu 13.10 server and realized when I added the iconnor repository there wasn't a version in there. My understanding is that 13.10 introduced some big changes with apache that threw up a roadblock.

What is the status of developing precompiled versions of zoneminder for 13.10? Is it something being actively pursued or is it of a lower priority? I have no issue with compiling from source, but the convenience of that repository is truly hard to beat. I see a couple random threads where bits and pieces of information existed but nothing concise.

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