Adding ip cameras

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Adding ip cameras

Post by tmel173 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:28 pm

"ZM - Newbie" I recently inherited network running ip cameras on ZonMinder and would like some assistance form this forum where possible. My environment is Ubuntu 12.04,zoneminder 1.25 and Cameras are Panasonic WV-SC385.

I am having issues adding new cameras to the server. I have added the new cameras to VLAN hosting the Cameras and I ended up with the all ip cameras down...When I go into the web portal "" to see the cameras they have red ip addresses. I once resolved this with rebooting the server but now the issue has resurfaced. One thing I know is that the firmware of the Cameras running is not the same as the one for the new ones. I am bringing them to the same firmware momentarily. Just though that would be useful information although I don't not see why that would break the other cameras that were working previously. I ran the " status" and found that the zoneminder had stopped. Could the firmware oon the new cameras have stopped ZM or it was a coincidence. If there is anyone with a good document on setting up ZM on Ubuntu for Panasonic WV-SC385 I would be grateful.

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Re: Adding ip cameras

Post by mikb » Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:12 pm

tmel173 wrote:Could the firmware oon the new cameras have stopped ZM or it was a coincidence.
Put that down to coincidence. Bad firmware could stop the camera. It could seriously screw up the video feed so that ZM capture becomes confused and refuses to talk to the camera (garbled data, nonsense HTTP transactions), but that would only affect that one monitor. Actually stopping ZoneMinder's service? I don't think that would happen.

" restart" at the command line (will/should) restart the ZM system without needing a reboot.

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