Image distortion on the bottom with 720/1080p rtsp camera

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Image distortion on the bottom with 720/1080p rtsp camera

Post by advbug » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:54 am


I'm using zoneminder for some time now and love it, but have recently bought some chinese (hi3518) IP cameras with 720 and 1080p but it only works partially with zoneminder.

I finally got it working with ffmpeg and added the rtsp:// url to the path, which works normally fine, modect detects motion and records.

Sometimes the image gets distorted on the bottom of the screen for unknown reasons. When this happens modect starts recording and I have a lot of events with distortion as motion.

Here is an image so you can see that I mean: (sorry the board didn't let me put in a clickable URL :( )

I guess zoneminder gets some kind of hickups ? The log says:
sometimes: FAT Unable to open input rtsp:// due to: Operation now in progress

very often: Shared data size conflict in shared_data for monitor HD2, expected 328, got 316

But that second error I know from my old zoneminder instance and since everything worked fine until the HD cams I ignored it.

Whats next to check? Would be awesome if I could go on using zoneminder since its a brilliant software.

Oh and computing power should not be the problem... it's running on an i5 and I tested it also on a 8-core xeon machine.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Image distortion on the bottom with 720/1080p rtsp camer

Post by 3esmit » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:52 am


I stream RTSP via ffmpeg (since the ZM RTSP does not support my camera RTSP headers)
I am experiencing the same problem, but it just happens when the CPU load is high. .
Try stressing the CPU with some command like 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null' or a program like 'stress --cpu 2 --timeout 60'.
It seemed that upgrading to 1.27.99 and upgrading all tools in my server fixed the issue.
Using Ubuntu Server 14.04 64bits on a old notebook and Camera is ESCAM Snail QD500.

Other detail important to mention is that I have to use the secondary stream, that is not 720p, using the HD stream seemed to have problem in other too software, not distortion but some weird overlapping frames.

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