Zoneminder executing a script

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Zoneminder executing a script

Post by zappbrannigan » Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:12 am

I want to set up my zoneminder so that when ZM starts it, in turn, starts up a program that I wrote. Presently, I have a cron job that runs every minute to check whether ZM is running (via 'ps'). This makes my syslog file rather noisy and I'd prefer something "cleaner". I suppose I could, once I figure out how, make a program that runs as a daemon that does more or less the same thing, either run 'ps' or monitor some log file. But, and here's where the forum comes in, is there a way to do this from within zonmeinder, either through some existing capability or perhaps a small tweak to one of ZM's .php(?) files?


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