Need some help configuring remote access for zmviewer

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Post by kp4djt » Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:42 pm

OK, I access my ZM machine from my computers inside my home network, at this point I
am not ready yet to open up port 3306 on the router, I want to make sure I have it all nailed
down. I can reach the db from any machine inside my home network, but I had to make
sure that the hosts file and the name in the rc.conf file are set to the same in my case
the machine name is zmhost01 (real imagination there, indeed I think that is what the
machine called it's self, but I had to go in and change one of them as it only changed one
file) Also you need to make sure that 'skip_network' in the my.cnf file is commented out
and then there is a series of things that Russ list, if you are copying those commands
you need to give to your db server, make sure you either cut and past or really expand
the screen as on my screen the small punctuation is invisible and that caused me some
grief until I cut and paste it and then saw the punctuation that I could not see on the list

First get to where you can get to your mysql db from a remote machine, you will have
to load a remote client first, once that is done then you can try to reach the remote
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Re: Need some help configuring remote access for zmviewer

Post by hengst » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:35 am

running 2 servers ZM 1.24.2 on 10.10 Ubuntu ( desktop edition )

- not always reliable in recording images/events from connected PanasonicIP cameras.
might be something in settings.

- zmviewer running to slow on ubuntu 64 bit. or Windhoos 64 bit. not usable.

- zmviewer running ok on 32bit Ubuntu but after little time running it takes down whole Gnome
Gui and i'm back to the ubuntu login screen.

any thoughts on this ?

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