recommendations for best (relatively) low budget IP camera

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recommendations for best (relatively) low budget IP camera

Post by lpallard » Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:50 pm

Hello All! Again, congratulations to the Zoneminder developers and team for their wonderful work!

I have tried to pinpoint the best options and models, but there are too many brands, models and options on the market, and I got lost quickly.. This is why I am asking help. Respecting my budget is also a significant issue...

As I am about to purchase my second house, I am writing this post to ask about the best low (relatively) cost interior camera. I am not sure what type, which brand or even which technology to go for, but I am certain that I will find camera experts here to help me out!

Basically, since I don’t know much about cameras, and surveillance systems in general, here are my requirements:

Only interior (no need for weatherproof as it will be installed in the main lobby).

Does not necessarily has to have night vision, but would be a GREAT plus. I am willing to let go the night vision capability in order to get a better overall performance but like I said, if the cost increase is not significant, then I will gladly take the night vision.

Capable of at least 1024x768 at minimum 15FPS (ideally 30FPS+)

The camera will probably have to “film” or monitor up to 40-50 feet away

PTZ would be GREAT, zoom is mandatory and panning is optional. Again Im willing to give up panning if it will drop the cost significantly.

Color capable

No need for audio

Has to be physically small (will be hidden in a crown mold or something similar). Im thinking a maximum of 5in long with a 3in x 3in cross section..

Has to be IP camera

Has to provide the best performance for interconnectivity with ZoneMinder..

The last “requirement” but not the least: maximum cost around $350USD

I recognize that it might be a challenge to meet my requirements for my budget, but Im not going to spend thousand’s on a camera, and I am completely willing to buy used if this is required.. Most cameras I have found so far are $1500+ which is way to expensive for my need..

Does anyone have recommendations for me? Looking forward to answers!


Posts: 85
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Re: recommendations for best (relatively) low budget IP came

Post by lpallard » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:05 pm

almost 200 views and no replies? :|

Do you guys at least have a suggestion for a selection application to narrow the possibilities down to a few cameras?

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