choice of low cost ip camera

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choice of low cost ip camera

Post by ynn » Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:20 pm

which one is better between Grand IP Camera Plus ( ) or Trendnet TV-IP100 ( ... 100&cat=48).
anyone has any experience with these two camera?

And did anyone use Gadspot GS1600 Outdoor? I just broke two of my Gadspot camera, it's so frustrating, I didn't know what and why it broke, from one of the camera I just take the adapter off and move the camera other location and when I installed back the camera start to capture very slow and then all off sudden it went off.At first I thought it was the adapter who went dead, I take the other adapter from the othet camera and plug it to the new installed one. and man... both of them went dead now. Is the camera that bad huh? $256 dollar lasts for only a year and a half?

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