Dead wiki, missing sections of documentation

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Dead wiki, missing sections of documentation

Post by pgppete » Wed May 27, 2020 8:15 pm

I was extremely exited to see zoneminder was so easy to install for Redhat/Fedora distributions. On the main page there is a link at the top for the wiki which I assume is dead? Perhaps it can be removed?

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install rpmfusion
dnf install zoneminder
Unfortunately I got my hopes up a bit. Rather than just complain however, I would like to offer my assistance in getting the documentation up to date for the distributions I plan on using. Fedora 32 server (which should easily be usable by Fedora 32 Workstation users) Is this just a matter of using github to make the necessary changes and submit them?

I would like to help with:

The jump from the RedHat section "How to install Zoneminder" (which only includes 'dnf install zoneminder') to the Dedicated Drive section. Just like I skipped the "Windows 10 using WSL" section, I skipped the Multiple-Servers section which you aren't really able to do if you want any information on the database creation. No other information is given or pointed towards and starting zoneminder fails miserably. There are many things I may have to pull from other sections of documentation or find/figure out myself before I can do so however. (selinux, proper permissions on various files, locations of necessary httpd.conf files, invalid syntax in the example httpd.conf files etc)

If anyone has successfully installed this on a version of Fedora like 32 or a few versions back, and you have notes as to what you did specifically that wasn't included in the documentation, please reply here and I'll see if we can't get them into the instructions.

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